Yohannah de Oliveira is a Brazilian visual artist based in São Paulo - Brasil. 

She was born in Mossoró - Rio Grande do Norte and always loved art and studied about it since she was a child.

Later she studied Architecture and Urban planning in São Paulo and Madrid, worked in architecture offices until found out that her passion - art - was actually a possibility of profession after a life changing experience while she was volunteering as an architect in Kona - Hawaii during three months. 

Yohannah them decided to pursue the career of visual artist with everything she had in her hands: almost nothing, but she tried anyway - and keeps trying-. She floated between projects of photography editorials, scenery production, art direction, videos and of course, canvas and printed documentations of her creative process.
She never saw herself as only an Architect and Urban planner, or only a painter of regular canvases. She believes that people are bigger than labels. 

During her main exhibitions, she works with multiple mediums in different surfaces: canvas, fabrics, installations with raw cristals and videos of the process. 

She truly believes that art is a process of personal discovery, social transformation and evolution of society through culture and education. She also believes that people can have multiple talents and always pursue excellence with every inch of her body in everything she does.